Beginning as early as your late 20s, hormonal changes can have a profound impact on your life and health. These changes affect the rate at which you are aging.

What is Age Management ?


Hormonal Optimization

Even if you’re eating right, exercising right, and have a low-stress lifestyle, you will experience a drop in key hormone levels as you age. Either the cells that produce hormones are dying off, or the enzymes that convert hormones are working less efficiently.



When you think about it, virtually every cell in your body gets its building blocks from what you eat. There are certain types of foods and patterns of eating that optimize hormone production and utilization.


Intelligent Physical Fitness

Evidence-based exercise recommendations can optimize hormone production and your body’s use of key hormones to burn fat, preserve lean muscle mass, and prevent degeneration. We’ll show you how.



Factors like stress and sleep play key roles in determining where your hormone levels are. Both poor sleep and chronic stress (mental and physical) increase the levels of fat-storing and disease progressing hormones (insulin, cortisol, etc.).

The Carragher Method of Age Management & Hormonal Optimization

An in-depth evaluation reviewing your intake questionnaire, current health concerns and goals, as well as looking at your past medical history, family history, medications, and current lifestyle habits.
A complete physical exam as well as comprehensive baseline laboratory testing determining your current health status, key hormone levels, and specific disease risk markers.
Your personalized, proactive treatment plan consisting of appropriate medications, nutritional recommendations, exercise recommendations, lifestyle management, and any other appropriate medical interventions.
Periodic lab testing and consultations to maintain gains and adjust treatment plan as needed. We continue to work with you to keep you looking and feeling your best.

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  • I’ve followed the guidance and motivation from Dr. Carragher and his team of health experts at The Body Well for the past two years. Three comprehensive health and fitness evaluations over that two year period of time have revealed continuous improvement in every aspect of my strength, fitness and my overall health, including my neuro-cognitive function.

    This translates into a higher level of stress endurance, greater competitive drive, enhanced mental performance and a general sense of well being.
    I believe the Carragher Method provides a road map to better health and quality of life.

    Thank You Dr. Carragher!

    – John Young
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Dr. Mike Carragher’s expertise in the Anti-Aging Medicine field, particularly for men, is based on years of practice with proven results. Using in-depth research, cutting edge technology and the patient’s unique genetic profile, Dr. Carragher is able to custom build a specific program for the desired outcome. His understanding, integrity and dedication are reflected by the long waiting list as only the trust of patients can manifest. I recommend Dr. Carragher as the first step towards maintaining quality of life and reversing the effects of aging.
    – Dr. Richard Visser

  • I went to see Dr Carragher initially for a general checkup.. and what i got was so much more. Dr. Carragher has been helping optimize my body with fantastic results. His suggestion and explanations have set me on a course that has forever changed my life. I’m consequently in the best shape of my life at 42. His approach is full body wellness from diet and supplements to exercising and mental health. I can’t recommend him enough and have sent many of my friends his way.
    – Chris G

  • Dr. Mike has been one of my doctors for more than 8 years. Mike’s approach to practicing medicine is perfect for me–he is knowledgeable, empathetic, innovative and consultative. He partners with his patients.. provides a lot of context, options and makes recommendations based on facts and data, all in a way that is engaging and assuring. Most recently Dr. Mike helped me think differently about my energy level and how it was changing as I got a bit older. We made adjustments to my diet and exercise routine and ultimately put me on a regiment of vitamin supplements. These adjustments made a considerable difference in my ability to effectively perform within my role as an Executive Consultant. Dr. Mike is the real deal and I think represents what the future of practicing medicine looks and feels like. Can’t recommend him enough!
    – James T

  • Dr Mike is not only brilliant and up on the latest medical technologies he is an amazing human being! Love Dr Mike!!
    – Liana R

  • If you are interested in the most cutting edge anti-aging Medicine go see Dr. Carragher.
    – Matti L


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