What is Age Management Medicine & Why Should I Care?

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Beginning as early as your late 20s, hormonal changes can have a profound impact on your life and health. These changes affect the rate at which you are aging. Age Management Medicine The field of Age Management Medicine is fairly new to the medical world. Most people just assume it’s “Anti-Aging” Medicine, which has a sort of built-in connotation of vanity or the quest to live forever. There often ends up being an immediate reaction that it’s not “real” medicine, but a luxury reserved for the rich and famous or people who fear death – or simply fear looking old. Clearing Up the Myths: To start, I’d like to dispel the myth that Age Management is simply a “vanity” sort of medical field. A good place to begin is simply by defining Age Management Medicine. Age Management Medicine is a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare. It’s not simply Human Growth Hormone (HGH), testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, etc. It is a scientifically-based approach to aging focused on preservation of optimum human function and quality of life, making every effort to slow the process of degeneration of the body that comes with aging. So Age Management Medicine is not about living to … Read More

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Age Well With Turmeric

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Dr. Jill Stocker is a board-certified physician.  She practices Age Management Medicine & Hormonal Optimization at The Body Well in Los Angeles.   Q. I’ve been hearing people talk about the health benefits of turmeric lately. I thought it was just a spice used for cooking. Should I be taking it as a supplement? A. Turmeric is a spice best known for its uses in Indian cooking, and is what gives curry its yellow color. It also contains compounds called curcuminoids, that have medicinal properties. The most important curcuminoid is curcumin. Curcumin works at two key levels in the body, it’s a strong anti-inflammatory agent as well as being a strong antioxidant. Curcumin also helps delay aging at a molecular level with its antioxidant effects. Cellular functions in the body require oxygen, but sometimes the metabolic processes of this functioning can generate unhealthy byproducts, known as free radicals, which can ultimately damage the cells. The imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract their harmful effects is called oxidative stress. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress by combatting the free radicals, preventing their damaging effects on the body. Below are some of the known benefits … Read More

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3 Things You Need to Know About Inflammation: Cause. Effect. Prevention.

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What Is Inflammation? At some point in your life, you’ve probably had some sort of injury. You’ve either fallen, ending up with a scrape or bruise, or you’ve somehow cut yourself, I’m sure. You’ve also likely had some sort of infectious invader, like a bacteria or virus. And, it’s quite possible you’ve had a foreign body like a splinter or a bee sting. Each of these assaults on your body triggers a physiological response called inflammation. Acute inflammation, to be precise. Basically, inflammation is a response that your body has to injury or insult. It’s a protective response your body initiates to eliminate the cause of cell injury, remove dead or dying cells and tissues, and begin the process of repair.  The acute inflammatory response is normally limited and self controlled – meaning, once the repair process if complete, the inflammation ends. This is a good thing, right?  Well, it is good in the sense that it is necessary to heal. But there is another kind of inflammation that happens in your body. And it’s not a good thing. This other type of inflammation is chronic, low-grade, and can cause progressive and serious injury to your body’s cells and tissues. … Read More

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Do you feel FATigued?

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It’s the most common health problem over 40. You’ve got fat around your middle and you’re tired all the time. To top it off you may have • A foggy brain • Low moods • And no libido And it seems there is no quick easy fix because you’ve tried everything. Aging well can be hard. There is so much information out there and sometimes no answers. That’s why my good friends and colleagues Dr. Anna Cabeca and Robin Nielsen, NC and have assembled 25 of the world’s leading health experts in integrative and holistic health care to give you their top secrets for aging more vibrantly and feeling better than ever before no matter what your age. You deserve to feel fabulous. And they’re going to help you get there. In a hurry – get more info here:  http://www.mcssl.com/app/?af=1557415 Welcome to Season 2 of Sexy Younger You where 25 of the world’s leading age management experts will talk about how you can recreate yourself… as a “Sexy Younger You!” You’ll learn Why hormone shifts change brain chemistry and what you can do about it The top foods for longevity What’s up with all the fat around your middle and how … Read More

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Melatonin: The Sleep Hormone (and So Much More!)

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Do you wish you could sleep more soundly and feel more rested? Sleep disturbances and insomnia are frequent complaints I hear about from my patients.  So I though it would be useful to talk about a hormone that most people are deficient in as they age and can have a profound effect on quality and quantity of sleep: melatonin. You may already be thinking, “Yeah, yeah, I tried melatonin. It didn’t work for me.” Or, “Melatonin gave me nightmares.”  Or, “Melatonin doesn’t work as well as Ambien.”  My clinical experience has shown me that melatonin, when used correctly, is extremely effective. There is evidence that melatonin may have a role in the biologic regulation of not only circadian rhythms and sleep but also mood, reproduction, tumor growth, and aging. But first, we need to talk about the small gland in the center of the brain that produces melatonin. Melatonin, which is a hormone, is secreted by the pineal gland, a small gland located in the center of the brain.  Three centuries ago, the French philosopher René Descartes described the pineal gland as “the seat of the soul.”  The pineal gland controls energy production and usage in the body through the effects … Read More

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Detox From Sugar and Eat Naked!

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Have you ever tried to completely eliminate sugar from your diet for a little while? If so, you know that sugar is hiding in just about every type of prepared food out there. Even the “healthy” ones. It is ubiquitous. In my practice, I work with many clients who are struggling with sugar. Intense sugar cravings, major energy lows, and stubborn weight gain are the top three symptoms I see. The one sure-fire strategy I’ve seen for dealing with all three of these issues at once is a 14-Day Sugar Control Detox. It’s intense, but it works. We’ve had 100% success rate with clients who’ve followed the protocol to a T. I have extremely exciting news for you. Just last week, The Body Well Nutritionist, Margaret Floyd of Eat Naked, and Chef James Barry of Wholesome2Go launched an online version  of this 14 Day Sugar Control Detox, complete with instructional videos, meal plans (all based on recipes from The Naked Foods Cookbook), grocery list, and all sorts of other great tools. Now you can guide yourself through this protocol on your own schedule, whenever and wherever you are. And what’s even more exciting? This online program – which will be on sale starting May 4th for $95 – is … Read More

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The Free-Radical Theory of Aging & My Favorite Antioxidant

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There are many different theories of how and why we age. The Free-Radical Theory of Aging, first proposed by Denham Harman in the 1950s, is just one of them. While probably not the only valid theory, there is strong evidence to suggest it is at least a significant player in the aging process and therefore warrants discussion in any anti-aging, age management and hormonal optimization program. In short, the Free-Radical Theory of Aging states that humans (and other organisms) age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. Free Radicals are nasty little byproducts of chemical reactions using oxygen in the body. They are deficient in energy so they “steal” energy from other cells, damaging them in the process. As cells, and more specifically cellular DNA, are damaged, your body functions less efficiently and robustly and aging speeds up. Here’s where antioxidants come in. Your body uses antioxidants to neutralize the damaging free radicals and render them harmless. So the more antioxidant activity you have in your body, the less free radicals can damage cells, tissues and organs, lower immunity, and cause you to age at an accelerated rate. This is true for your skin, heart, muscles, sex organs and … Read More

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