4 Keys to a Lean Summer Body

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cornerstones of weight loss

Are you having trouble losing body fat? You aren’t alone – one of the top reasons people schedule evaluations with me is because they just can’t seem to lose weight, no matter how hard they try. It’s the age-old story: body fat seems to accumulate over the years and it gets harder and harder to lose that weight. Body fat is a health concern. Excess … Read More

cornerstones of weight loss

Testosterone in Women: What You Need to Know

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  When you hear about testosterone, you may think it’s only a hormone for men. However, testosterone plays a huge role in women’s health and daily life as well. Just like men need estrogen, women need testosterone. As you age, your testosterone level will decline.  By age 40, your testosterone level can be half as much as it was in your 20s.  Here are a … Read More

How Low Testosterone Can Affect Your Sex Life

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When most guys think of testosterone, they think of big-guy toughness and strength on the barbells. But, testosterone plays a much more significant role in men’s health and daily life. Its role is an important one: it’s the primary sex hormone for men, playing a key part in the development and maintenance of sex organs, as well as sexual characteristics like muscle mass and body … Read More

Why Size Matters In Weight Loss!

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If you want to lose weight this year, you aren’t alone. Last year more than ever, I saw most people gain weight.  A combination of gym closures, higher than normal stress levels, and poor eating patterns led to a perfect storm, creating an expanding waistline.  The best way to get where you want to be, and stay there, is to approach weight loss in a … Read More

Dr. Mike Carragher Named Again on Los Angeles Magazine’s 2021 List of Top Doctors

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Los Angeles Magazine explains that in this region there are a number of cutting-edge medical institutions and highly skilled doctors. Therefore, “the idea is to tap into the wisdom of professionals who know medicine and know the people working within it,” according to Los Angeles Magazine. Dr. Carragher has built one of the most robust Age Management Practices in the country. This acknowledgement highlights the expertise, … Read More

Has 2020 Left You Fat, Sick, and Tired?

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2020 was a stressful year.  That goes without saying. Most people I’ve talked to have had increased levels of stress, and less ways to cope with that stress.  Even if you aren’t feeling “stressed out”, there is a high likelihood that your body may be!  I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about the hormone cortisol, how it relates to stress, … Read More

Has 2020 Got You Fat?

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It’s the end of 2020. Have you gained more fat around the middle? Avoiding the mirror? Wearing looser fitting clothes? There is hope! In addition eating more, and exercising less, research shows a strong connection between weight gain and hormonal imbalances.  Low testosterone and high cortisol levels are related to increased body fat, especially in the midsection, as well as decreased lean muscle mass.  This excess body fat furthers the … Read More

What Should You Do if Your Doctor Tells You You’re Normal? Run!

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Doctor Tells You You're Normal

Has your doctor ever come back with a stack of lab results and told you everything was fine and your labs were “normal,” yet you didnt’t feel fine? Did you assume your doctor was right and you just had to deal with it? Maybe you should have turned around and run instead! Medical professionals have almost always held that symptoms like fatigue, poor sleep, sluggish … Read More

Doctor Tells You You're Normal