Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions About Testosterone Treatment in Women

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Myths Misconcptions Testosterone Treatment Women

Testosterone treatment is one of the most misunderstood therapies, especially when it comes to testosterone treatment for women. Because testosterone is the main male reproductive hormone, many people are surprised that testosterone is important for female health, too. The myths and misconceptions surrounding testosterone therapy can prevent many women from getting the treatment they need for optimal health and wellness. So let’s set the record straight. Busting the Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions about Testosterone Treatment Myth #1: Testosterone is a ‘male’ hormone and not for women While men do have higher levels of testosterone in the bloodstream, it is a critical hormone for female health. Testosterone is the most abundant biologically active sex steroid hormone in women. In fact, there is about ten times as much testosterone in the … Read More

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At What Age Should I Start Thinking About Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Am I Too Young For HRT

Many men and women associate hormonal changes and Hormone Replacement Therapy with being in their 50s or even older. However, hormonal changes often begin much earlier. For this reason, it is important for both men and women to pay close attention to their bodies and begin considering Hormone Replacement Therapy at a younger age if symptoms occur. What Age Should Women Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy? On average, women in the United States go through menopause around the age of 51, but hormones typically begin to change many years before menopause is complete. In fact, many women begin to experience symptoms related to hormonal changes as early as their 30s or 40s. Because these changes are commonly associated with older women, younger women experiencing symptoms often feel strange or worry that … Read More

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Understanding the Impact of Hormonal Changes on Your Mood During Perimenopause and Menopause — and How to Start Feeling Better Today

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If you are like most women, you became an expert on managing mood swings associated with hormonal changes throughout your menstrual cycle. Managing the hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause can create an entirely new set of emotional symptoms, though, which catches many women by surprise. You’ll be happy to know that there are a number of ways to improve your mood and many of the other symptoms of menopause. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years. Menopause is usually defined as one year plus 1 day of having no menstrual cycle. Menopause does not happen overnight, though. Hormone production within your ovaries slows down in fits and spurts, which causes hormone levels in your body to fluctuate. Doctors refer to this as perimenopause. From start to finish, … Read More

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Am I Too Young for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been an effective treatment for hormonal decline in men and women for decades. As we age, our hormone production goes down, leading to a range of undesirable symptoms. Typically HRT has been used by older people, often in their 40s or 50s or older, to help correct the hormonal imbalances caused by aging. But in recent years HRT has been employed by younger people as well since hormonal decline is beginning at younger and younger ages. No matter what your age, if you are experiencing symptoms of hormonal decline, HRT may be a good solution for you. Am I Too  Young For Hormone Replacement Therapy? Hormone production can be negatively affected by a range of issues, many of which can arise in adults of any … Read More

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Hormone Decline in Men: Learn 6 of the Warning Signs

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Hormone decline in men is a real thing! Did you know that male hormone levels (like testosterone) decline at a rate of one percent or more each year after the age of 30? The term male menopause is a little bit of a play on words because the hormone changes men experience are not really the same thing as what a woman goes through when ovulation stops. The more accurate term is andropause because it targets the cause of this decline more accurately. Androgens are “male” hormones, such as testosterone. If you are a man experiencing hormone decline, it doesn’t really matter that much what anyone calls it, what matters is how it impacts your life and what can you do about it. Do You Know The Warning Signs Of Hormone … Read More

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5 Facts About Healthy Aging You May Not Know

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It probably comes as no surprise that maintaining good health throughout every decade of your life will require a bit of work and dedication. You may be surprised, though, at just how simple Age Management and Hormone Optimization can be! Are You At Risk for Hormone Decline? Your hormones impact just about everything in your life – from your mood and energy levels, to your body composition and sexual wellbeing. If you haven’t yet, take our free hormone decline risk assessment to score your hormone health, learn about how your hormones impact just about every area of your life, and learn what you can do about it. Click here to take the male version, and click here to take the female version. 1. Exercise can slow some of the muscle … Read More

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The Body Well’s Dr. Mike Carragher & Dr. Jill Stocker Named to Los Angeles Magazine’s 2018 Top Doctors

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Los Angeles Magazine and Professional Research Services conducted an exclusive peer-review survey to determine the doctors deemed the best in their field of practice by their colleagues. We were selected in their first annual, peer-review survey sent to certified doctors within Los Angeles County and I couldn’t be more proud and excited. Los Angeles’ Top Doctors are chosen through a rigorous process conducted by PRS (Professional Research Services), which includes voting by professional medical colleagues. That is the sole criteria for inclusion in the Top Doctors listing.  Listings cannot be bought, and advertising has no impact on the review process. The special recognition will appear in the April 2018 issue of Los Angeles Magazine. Both Dr. Stocker and I use The Carragher Method™, a healthy aging plan that I developed for patients for … Read More

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Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Hormones

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a much-talked-about but poorly defined disorder. Typically CFS presents itself as disabling exhaustion. By disabling, I don’t mean being tired in the afternoon and needing a nap. People with CFS can’t get out of bed, go out with friends, or live their best lives. They’re exhausted, and sleep isn’t helping. But CFS also has plenty of other troubling symptoms, including memory impairment, mood changes, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pains and muscle aches. CFS is also called Immune Dysfunction Syndrome because it depletes the immune system. To make matters worse, there’s no magic bullet for treating CFS, and plenty of contradictory theories about what causes it. Because it’s not well-understood, patients with CFS are often told it’s just in their heads and are subject to ridicule … Read More

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