Changing the Way We View Menopause

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changing view menopause

changing view menopause

I remember growing up with the term “The Change,” and I didn’t quite understand this far-away concept. I’ve heard many stories of women saying things ranging from “Mine lasted ten years, and my family went through hell!” to “I got through mine…no problem!”

The elusiveness of this “Change” has now come to smack me right in the face. While I have treated hundreds of women, and heard thousands of stories, I didn’t quite “get” it until “The Change” was right there knocking at my door. Right then and there I had a choice…a choice of how I was going to view this and go through this.

While I had been trained about “No man’s land” with regard to the crazy, unpredictable hormonal fluctuations happening in a woman during perimenopause while her body fights to produce the last bits of the reproductive hormones she needs to function, I was now IN “No man’s land” myself! A patient so eloquently stated the next day as I was sharing about my personal experience versus my expertise and training in “No man’s land”….”I like to think of it as The Next Level of Badass!” YES! YES! YES! (In a “When Harry Met Sally” kind of way!)

Rather than feeling like the best years of my life were over, I felt such excitement about how since starting my hormonal journey several years back, I had been awakened to the best years of my life! And this was just the beginning. The best IS now and continues to get better and better. I am more fully present in everything I do (family, career, and self). I am far more physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually alive. I am constantly pushing myself outside my comfort zone to find new levels of excitement and contentment, and I want others to have this same amazing experience!

My mission is to help one million women change their perspective on “The Change” and aging, and to wake up to their truly “juicy” life, and move from surviving to thriving! Welcome to the Next Level of Badass ladies!

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Dr. Jill Stocker completed her undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Arizona and proceeded to medical school at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri. She then completed her training and residency in Michigan, becoming Board Certified in Family Medicine, with advanced certification in Age Management Medicine.
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