Detox From Sugar and Eat Naked!

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Have you ever tried to completely eliminate sugar from your diet for a little while? If so, you know that sugar is hiding in just about every type of prepared food out there. Even the “healthy” ones. It is ubiquitous. In my practice, I work with many clients who are struggling with sugar. Intense sugar cravings, major energy lows, and stubborn weight gain are the top three symptoms I see.

The one sure-fire strategy I’ve seen for dealing with all three of these issues at once is a 14-Day Sugar Control Detox. It’s intense, but it works. We’ve had 100% success rate with clients who’ve followed the protocol to a T.

I have extremely exciting news for you. Just last week, The Body Well Nutritionist, Margaret Floyd of Eat Naked, and Chef James Barry of Wholesome2Go launched an online version  of this 14 Day Sugar Control Detox, complete with instructional videos, meal plans (all based on recipes from The Naked Foods Cookbook), grocery list, and all sorts of other great tools. Now you can guide yourself through this protocol on your own schedule, whenever and wherever you are.

And what’s even more exciting? This online program – which will be on sale starting May 4th for $95 – is available to you for FREE with a preorder of The Naked Foods Cookbook. Yup, you read that correctly. You get lifetime access to this program (and any future updates to it) for FREE with proof of purchase of our upcoming cookbook.

Call them crazy. Call them over-generous. Margaret and Chef James (and we!) are just so excited about both of these new products that they’re rolling them into one offer.

This is a limited time offer and expires at exactly midnight, May 3rd, 2012.

Read all the details, order your copy, and get access to your 14-Day Sugar Control Detox Program RIGHT HERE .


Dr. Mike Carragher

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