How Low Testosterone Can Affect Your Sex Life

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When most guys think of testosterone, they think of big-guy toughness and strength on the barbells.

But, testosterone plays a much more significant role in men’s health and daily life. Its role is an important one: it’s the primary sex hormone for men, playing a key part in the development and maintenance of sex organs, as well as sexual characteristics like muscle mass and body hair.

But how does a low amount of the hormone affect a man’s sex life specifically?

Low libido

Testosterone is central to the male sexual response. It controls a man’s sexual functioning, response to intimate stimuli, and interest in sex. So, when there are low levels of the hormone, a man is less likely to desire sex, whether or not he’s attracted to his partner.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that low libido is individual to each person. It’s often compared to your normal desire level, which differs from man to man. So, if you ever feel that your interest in sex has decreased, reach out for help so your intimate life doesn’t have to suffer. Ask a doctor about how to increase your natural testosterone levels, whether through hormone treatment, or a testosterone-based diet.

Erectile dysfunction

Much like how testosterone affects a man’s libido, it also impacts the mechanics of his sexual response, triggering increased blood flow to the penis when aroused to create an erection. Any disruption to testosterone levels, therefore, can hinder the body’s natural response and cause erectile difficulties.

If you begin experiencing issues in getting or maintaining an erection during more than a quarter of your sexual encounters, you may be experiencing low T-induced ED. If so, you should speak with a doctor about combining testosterone therapy with one of the many treatments for ED that could work for your specific circumstance.

Low energy

Low amounts of testosterone can also cause low energy levels, often leading to decreased interest and performance in the bedroom. If you’re tired and unmotivated, you’re likely not going to want to put energy into sex, which can result in relational issues and a lack of intimate fulfillment.

Men who begin to feel their energy levels dropping unusually low should have their testosterone levels checked out by a doctor. Getting a professional opinion can give you some relief and help point in the direction of the proper treatment plan. Then, you should consider initiating a wider dialogue with your partner to communicate any issues you’ve been experiencing in the bedroom. Use a couple’s counselor to help navigate any relational difficulties that this might cause to maintain a healthy and happy love life.

Often, the negative effects of low T on men’s sex lives can cause shame related to sex, but confidence plays an essential part in a man’s performance and interest. In a cyclic manner, low confidence in the bedroom can cause issues like ED, premature ejaculation, or low libido. Therefore, you must address the signs of low testosterone as soon as they appear so that you can lead a healthy, fulfilling sex life.


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