Human Growth Hormone Without The Pain: No Needles And A Cheaper Price Tag!

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Human Growth Hormone: Believe the Hype

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been celebrated by many as the holy grail of hormones, because it’s the most overarching in its benefits.  HGH has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, stimulate collagen production and increase skin thickness, improve bone strength, and more. And it’s still gaining in popularity, as talk of its use continues by high-profile celebrities, athletes, the Beverly Hills crowd, and others who covet it to maintain youth, beauty, and a higher quality of life and health. My practice is next to Beverly Hills, so I hear about it on supermarket lines, at the gym, and at cocktail parties.

This is a rare instance where I’ll tell you to believe the hype: The bottom line is, HGH works. And I know first-hand, because I prescribe it in my practice.

In my experience, it’s one of the safest medications on the market. Especially at the low doses needed to obtain benefit from it. At these dosages, it has very few side effects. In my nearly 15 years of prescribing it, I’ve never had a patient who’s experienced more than a mild side effect that couldn’t be eliminated with a simple change of dosage.

Until now, the main obstacle to more people having access to HGH has been price. HGH is expensive by most people’s standards. Complicated patent laws surrounding it mixed with the demand for it drive the price up to anywhere between $800 and $1700 a month, depending on dosage. As a result, there’s a whole industry of ineffective and/or unsafe HGH replacements and boosters as well as black-market HGH, all of which I advise you to steer clear of.

Human Growth Hormone Secretagogues: A more affordable alternative

But there is good news: pharmaceutical-grade growth hormone secretagogues.

A secretagogue is a substance that stimulates the body to secrete, or release, another substance; in this case, it’s the stimulation of the pituitary gland in the brain to secrete HGH. Sermorelin, GHRP-2, and GHRP-6 are the names of the most popular human growth hormone secretagogues. These are the main ones I use in my practice – either alone or in combination – depending on certain patient needs and criteria. Growth hormone secretagogues are about half the price of HGH per month. Still not cheap, but when you tally up the savings, it can be thousands of dollars every year. Not bad.

And I don’t just use these with patients who can’t afford HGH. In cases when a patient has developed a tolerance to prescribed HGH, an alternative is necessary. When taken over long periods of time, the receptors that respond to and distribute HGH throughout the body can become too accustomed to the dose. Sermorelin, GHRP-2, GHRP-6, or a blend of them can be an answer for a person whose HGH receptors have been blunted.

No Needles Needed!

Another perk: Both directly administered HGH and secretagogues are injectable, but there’s a new option with the secretagogues: A dissolvable sublingual (under the tongue) rapid-dissolve tablet. The injections are extremely easy and painless, but for those who are afraid of needles, you can get the same benefits without the daily pricking, and it’s easier to travel with, which is a consideration for those who travel frequently.

The Right Option for You

These alternatives aren’t for everybody, however. As we age, the pituitary gland stops producing optimal amounts of HGH. And no matter how much the gland is stimulated, it just won’t secrete enough to have an effect. In these cases, direct injections of HGH are called for.

Now not all secretagogues are for all people. GHRP-6, for example, can have the side effect of increasing appetite. If a patient has a goal of losing weight, I avoid giving them GHRP-6. On the other hand, if someone wants to gain lean muscle mass, then GHRP-6 is great.  It’s also important to remember that HGH, like most hormones, works in conjunction with other key hormones (testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, etc.) to get the best results.  It’s not a singular solution for most people, but should be used only after a complete hormonal evaluation has been done.

The bottom line is, there’s a solution for most people dedicated enough to their health, optimizing their HGH levels, and enjoying its benefits. You don’t need to live in Beverly Hills anymore. Don’t let cost keep you away. Take the first step and see an Age Management practitioner for an evaluation.

To schedule an evaluation, or for more information on optimizing your HGH or other key hormone levels, call (323) 874-9355 or email We care for patients from all over the world, so you don’t need to be living in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills for us to help.

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