Jay Campbell and Dr. Mike talk Healthspan Optimization

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Listen to Dr. Mike interviewed by Jay Campbell, Founder of TOT Revolution.

Jay is an internationally recognized and best selling author who has written five books within the optimization and health care space. Alongside his 20 years in the Men’s Health industry, Jay is a former collegiate athlete (Basketball), and a Male Physique Champion.

Jay has become a global evangelist—teaching men, women (and their doctors) how to optimize both their hormones, their life, and their happiness.

A little about this episode:

Modern living is laying siege to our endocrine, biological and spiritual systems.

In order to claw back our health, we have to prioritize optimization at every level of society, from clinicians to consumers.

  • How do we combat sickness, and expand our lifespans in a meaningful and impactful way?
  • Why is the medical community’s panic over estrogen lab values such a huge fallacy?
  • In our optimization regimens, how can we also make room for spiritual fitness and why it is so necessary?

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