Age Management 101: How to Feel Like You Did in Your 20s No Matter How Old You Are

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Are you losing your edge? Feeling less energetic? Gaining weight around the middle despite your best efforts? Is your skin less supple and smooth, becoming more wrinkled? Are your libido and sexual performance declining? Do you wish you could look and feel vibrant, active and youthful again? Beginning as early as your late 20s, the hormones you want low typically begin to rise (e.g. insulin, … Read More

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Man, Are You Getting Fat?

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Are you a guy who can’t seem to lose that extra weight around the middle? There is hope! Research shows a strong connection between weight gain in men and hormonal imbalances.  Low testosterone and high cortisol levels are related to increased body fat, especially in the midsection, as well as decreased lean muscle mass in men.  This excess body fat furthers the hormonal imbalance by converting more testosterone into estrogen.  … Read More

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