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This place and Dr. Mike Carragher’s practice is just all kinds of yes! About a year ago I came to him because I wasn’t able to get certain answers over some hormonal issues from other doctors. Little did I know how profoundly impactful this was going to be. Not being bound by insurance contracts, etc., Dr. Carragher keeps all my numbers and levels under a microscope on a regular basis and and have never felt more secure in my health my entire life. He has tweaked and refined my regimen based on anything he sees a significant reason to do based on BLOODWORK LAB RESULTS, not New Age phony baloney crap of ANY KIND. It actually makes my blood curdle when I hear what some people put into their bodies without even knowing their levels.

I have had a tremendous amount of health issues in my life and am a very “hands-on” patient. I like to take responsibility for my own health and don’t look to doctors as having to have some sort of magic wand. But the regimen that he put me on, along with my commitment to the process certainly feels like a magic wand. Always unbiased information, EXTREMELY educational and always available. He is at the forefront of new medical science in his field. Dr. Carragher even calls and emails immediately while on vacation, maybe I shouldn’t even be saying that lol. Aaron, the manager, is ALWAYS a pleasure to speak with and keeps track of all medication/supplement refills FOR me and is EXTREMELY accommodating.

Anyway, I have been in terrific shape before, but now at age 48, to be perfectly honest, along with the dedication to an exercise program and getting the education from an in house nutritionist René, I HAVE NEVER FELT OR LOOKED BETTER!!! Could not recommend more highly!
– Jeffrey S.

I am a 44 year old full time mom and part–time professional. I had my kids later in life and was not doing well with stepping into perimenopause with young children under foot. The battles for me included: extreme fatigue, memory loss, irritability that went through the roof, increasing body fat around my waist, loss of sex drive accompanied by the oh so fun, vaginal dryness and the perhaps the most surprising and devastating for me physically, was that I was losing my hair. The aforementioned was not at all how I was used to living; I was miserable and as a result so were my poor husband and kids. I sought out Dr. Stocker. Initially there were challenges in finding the right dose of hormones but I noticed that despite the challenges my mood markedly improved within a week, and the rest of my symptoms abated within 4 months. I have appreciated without end Dr. Stockers willingness to spend time figuring out and solving these issues. I have never experienced a physician who spends so much time getting to know their patient’s; that alone was refreshing. In short, I write this testimonial with a happy heart, an energized mind/body, abundant gratitude for the renewed joy I am experiencing as a wife and mother and last but not least; my hair looks fucking great! . . . are you allowed to say fuck on a testimonial?
Perhaps this would be a more appropriate ending: “and last but not least; my hair is once again healthy and full.”
Thank you so much Dr. Stocker!
I’ve followed the guidance and motivation from Dr. Carragher and his team of health experts at The Body Well for the past two years. Three comprehensive health and fitness evaluations over that two year period of time have revealed continuous improvement in every aspect of my strength, fitness and my overall health, including my neuro-cognitive function.

This translates into a higher level of stress endurance, greater competitive drive, enhanced mental performance and a general sense of well being. I believe the Carragher Method provides a road map to better health and quality of life.

Thank You Dr. Carragher!
– John Young
Los Angeles, CA

Physically, I was tired and getting sick what seemed like all of the time. I was losing strength and endurance, my sex drive was not what it used to be; I was irritable and had little patience with my kids, so when my wife suggested that I make an appointment with Dr. Stocker I didn’t object. Within a few weeks I noticed big differences in everything. My sex drive, strength and ability to recover after workouts have very happily seen the biggest change. I’m no longer getting colds and am having more fun with my family. My life is continuing to improve. Thank you Dr. Stocker!
Dr. Mike Carragher’s expertise in the Anti-Aging Medicine field, particularly for men, is based on years of practice with proven results. Using in-depth research, cutting edge technology and the patient’s unique genetic profile, Dr. Carragher is able to custom build a specific program for the desired outcome. His understanding, integrity and dedication are reflected by the long waiting list as only the trust of patients can manifest. I recommend Dr. Carragher as the first step towards maintaining quality of life and reversing the effects of aging.
– Dr. Richard Visser
I was introduced to Dr. Stocker thru a family member, noting her fresh approach to health care and preventive care. Her ability to diagnose and treat is exceptional. Her approach is the quintessence of patient-centered care, and, personally, I found my results from her care and advice to be amazing. Dr. Stocker takes a health care approach that is more aligned with keeping patients healthy, rather that treating them once afflicted. She provides focused attention during visits, and emphasizes a common-sense approach to care and lifestyle. I would recommend her for young and old alike.
– Doug G
I went to see Dr Carragher initially for a general checkup.. and what i got was so much more. Dr. Carragher has been helping optimize my body with fantastic results. His suggestion and explanations have set me on a course that has forever changed my life. I’m consequently in the best shape of my life at 42. His approach is full body wellness from diet and supplements to exercising and mental health. I can’t recommend him enough and have sent many of my friends his way.
– Chris G
Dr. Mike has been one of my doctors for more than 8 years. Mike’s approach to practicing medicine is perfect for me–he is knowledgeable, empathetic, innovative and consultative. He partners with his patients.. provides a lot of context, options and makes recommendations based on facts and data, all in a way that is engaging and assuring. Most recently Dr. Mike helped me think differently about my energy level and how it was changing as I got a bit older. We made adjustments to my diet and exercise routine and ultimately put me on a regiment of vitamin supplements. These adjustments made a considerable difference in my ability to effectively perform within my role as an Executive Consultant. Dr. Mike is the real deal and I think represents what the future of practicing medicine looks and feels like. Can’t recommend him enough!
– James T
Dr Mike is not only brilliant and up on the latest medical technologies he is an amazing human being! Love Dr Mike!!
– Liana R
If you are interested in the most cutting edge anti-aging Medicine go see Dr. Carragher.
– Matti L
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