The Power of Thymosin Alpha 1

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What if I told you there was a peptide that:

  • Both treats and protects against cancer
  • Protects against COVID-19 (and reduces death in COVID-19 patients by 30%)
  • Positively influences the genes that affect aging and leads to living longer
  • Reduces inflammation (a culprit behind most degenerative diseases)
  • Modulates your immune system to help protect you from bacterial, viral, and fungal infections as well as autoimmune diseases
  • Increases glutathione production (a powerful antioxidant)
  • Treats Hepatitis B and C.

Would you want to take it?

Well, there is.  It’s called Thymosin Alpha-1 (TA-1).  I’m taking it, and I’ve been recommending it to almost all of my patients, most of which are taking it. It’s a powerful peptide and one I’d encourage you to consider.

But first, what is a peptide?

A peptide is really just a short chain of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). Amino acids string together to make peptides, and peptides string together to make proteins. The TA-1 peptide in a chain of 28 amino acids.

We have about 294,000 peptides in our body (WOW!). They regulate all sorts of bodily functions and have many different effects. One you’ve already heard of – but I bet you didn’t know was a peptide – is the hormone insulin. There are many other peptide hormones in your body.  They attach to receptors on the surface of your cells and send a message inside the cell to it’s nucleus and tell the cell to perform specific functions.

The Power of Thymosin Alpha 1

TA-1 is derived from your thymus gland. Your thymus gland is a critical immune system gland that is most active during neonatal and pre-adolescent periods, while your immune system is really developing. Your thymus gland is critical in the development and regulation of your immune system.

TA-1 is a thymus gland peptide that has multiple actions on your immune, endocrine (hormonal), and central nervous systems.  TA-1 in present in your lymph tissues such as your spleen and lymph nodes, and also in organs such as your lungs, kidneys, and brain.  It helps develop growth of your T-Cells, immune system cells that are incredibly important in seeking out unhealthy cells and foreign invaders in your body and removing them.

Much of aging, degeneration, and disease in your body can be attributed to a decline in your immune system as you get older.  Your immune system monitors your body for organ malfunction and unhealthy or damaging cells.  But it becomes less efficient at this as you age, leading to increased risk of infections, organ degeneration, and unhealthy cell growth.  Simply put, TA-1 tells your body to scan itself for damaged cells and cells that are reproducing in an unhealthy way, tackles them, clears them out, and replaces them with healthier cells.

I consider TA-1 to be an excellent addition to every healthy aging protocol.

  • When it comes to COVID-19, TA-1 has the potential to protect against viral replication in your body. It has been studied and shown that COVID-19 patients who take TA-1 have significantly better outcomes and reduced mortality. By replacing and removing exhausted T-Cells, COVID patients have been able to recover faster and better with TA-1.  [2]
  • Cancer patients that were given TA-1 showed significant improvements in overall survival and recurrence rates. They also had significant improvements in their immune cells damaged by radiation. It’s been studied in breast cancer, head and neck cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, melanoma and leukemia, all with positive results.  [1]
  • Chronic inflammation, a damaging immune response in the body, can be regulated with the use of TA-1. [3] Chronic inflammation can lead to a number of degenerative diseases. Thymosin Alpha 1, with its benefits of modulating inflammation, can be used to treat such difficult ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome and other manifestations of chronic inflammation.
  • TA-1 increases glutathione production! Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, has healing properties on our organs.  In one study, the use of Thymosin Alpha 1 showed protective effects on oxidative damage to the aorta and liver. [4]
  • Thymosin Alpha 1 has a direct influence on the genes that determine the rate at which we age.
  • TA-1 is approved in 35 countries as a standalone treatment for Hepatitis B and C. Once only treated with harsh medications, this is a life-saving treatment that is very well tolerated. [5]

TA-1 as not only a treatment for multiple problems such as chronic inflammatory disorders, auto-immune diseases, and infections (viral, bacterial & fungal), but it may be even more powerful as a monitor of decline and degeneration in the body so it can help your body stay healthy and youthful.  Along with the benefits of having healthy hormone levels, treatment with this peptide is a huge step to staying healthy and fit for years to come.

At my clinic, we offer comprehensive hormonal evaluations, and prescribe individual protocols using the latest and best solutions for aging well. If you’d like an evaluation, please contact us at or call us at (323) 874-9355.




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